Couples Counseling

Couples and Marriage Therapy

I offer help overcoming inhibitions, anxieties and early life trauma to assist couples to achieve greater emotional intimacy and happiness. I provide a compassionate, caring approach with whom you and your loved one can feel safe. My goal is to earn your trust, help you feel freer, more spontaneous and better able to love and be loved by those you care about.

Some of the issues couples struggle with are:

  • Parenting
  • Financial Alignment
  • Power Strugle
  • Intimacy
  • Communication

Effective treatment of marital problems requires a high level of trust between and you and your partner. Because conflict often has multiple causes, treatments cannot be universally applied—what works for one couple may not work for another. An effective treatment plan will address and manage the cause and then build and strengthen communication between you and your partner. Treatment may include communication counseling for you and your partner, psychological therapy with a goal of building your emotional well-being.

Therapy may include: Examples of skills couples learn in sessions:

  1. How to stop fighting and start problem-solving.
  2. “Ground Rules” for improving the communications process.
  3. Learning how to avoid the “hot buttons” and other triggers to arguments.
  4. How to prevent talking about problems from escalating into fighting about problems.
  5. How to avoid blaming each other.
  6. How to agree to disagree about problems and what to do next.
  7. How to plan for the best times to talk about problems.
  8. How to know when to bring up the past and when not to.
  9. How to develop “win-win” solutions.
  10. How to state a complaint that has the best chance of your spouse wanting to correct the problem.
  11. Learn the most important factor that should be present when starting marriage counseling.
  12. What to do when you feel misunderstood.

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