Self-awareness and Mindfulness Book Therapy Group

These long-standing groups are to meet every other week for set weeks to discuss the assigned chapters of the chosen books. This group is meant to expand awareness and facilitate further personal growth through mindfulness and consiousness in a safe and therapeutic environment. Each long-standing group will have a different book of focus.

Please contact Tanya Samuelian (818.404.1283), Registered Associate Marriage and

Family Therapist #93868, supervised by Marina Edelman LMFT #51009

Welcome to the Westlake Women’s Recovery Group

This group is designed to provide meaningful connections, support and perspective. Here you will find a bridge back to life with others who are going through similar circumstances. You won’t feel “outnumbered” by people counting days as seen in other recovery meetings. Women who find themselves coming out of intensive outpatient or residential
treatment will appreciate this group as a relief from a heavy treatment schedule.

Together we will challenge our barriers to change, cope with urges to use, and replace addictive behavior with a new lifestyle.

Addiction & Recovery
Oftentimes the basis of a recovery program involves calling out someone as an addict or an alcoholic. This is not only punitive; it is demotivating. In order to let go of addictive habits, it might help to take a direction away from public labels attached to addiction as well.

There are many reasons why people are not getting better after going to rehab. When people leave rehab they often subconsciously feel as if are “finished” with the work, and return home with no concrete plans to manage their addiction. The bottom line is that addiction causes isolation. You are not alone in our group! No one wakes up in the morning and decides that they want substance abuse issues. Over time, they look back with self-awareness and realize how this occurred, but this is usually after health issues begin to appear, or something unfortunate has happened. Anxiety & Depression
This is a place to seek ongoing encouragement in dealing with long-term withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress.

If you are feeling out of whack, this group may help you recognize ways to guard yourself from potential urges to abuse alcohol or drugs. If you’re finding substances taking away your drive to achieve exactly what you want, let’s explore how to get positive energy back in your life!

Please contact Christina Vescovo (424.346.2999), Registered Associate Marriage application pending, supervised by Marina Edelman LMFT #51009

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