Marina Edelman, Marriage and Family Therapist

It’s always difficult taking that first step in seeking help, but from the very first session with Marina I experienced an almost immediate sense of progress and empowerment as she helped me to identify, understand, and ultimately overcome problems that Learn more

She helped us move through the anger and betrayal to rediscover that underneath it all there remained deep love and purpose in staying together. Through his guidance we were able to clear the rubble that was blocking us from continuing Learn more

My expectation was that you’d help me survive the last few months with minimal damage. I not only survived, I am happier and healthier now than I can remember. I would not have got here alone or with any therapist Learn more

You helped me stay strong, gave me reassurance and helped me build a stronger foundation for my marriage. Learn more

Our sessions really helped me work through a lot of issues that were causing me such pain. I’m happy to report that a year later things are going pretty well… Through the talk therapy I learned some useful coping mechanisms Learn more
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