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I developed TrueMeTM as a result of noticing my clients struggling with presenting accurate self report during therapy appointments. TrueMe is the missing link between therapy sessions. Using this tool will enhance the effectiveness of your therapy by assisting you in gathering information necessary for treatment as well as providing feedback to your therapist regarding the effectiveness of sessions.

This app contains six specific functions to record and track your feelings and behaviors:

  • Mood tracker allows you to record how you feel and what is causing that feeling. You will be able to see a graphical display of your mood and export your files.
  • Pain/Energy tracker will record how you physically feel and presents it in a report format to see if a pattern exists.
  • CBT Journal’s purpose is to help realize negative thoughts and how they affect what you feel. Together with your therapist you can create tools to combat distorted thoughts.
  • Dream tool provides a place to record your dreams for further analyses.
  • Journal’s function is to take therapy notes.
  • The goal function helps you stay on track to accomplish important action items.

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Schedule new appointments when it’s convenient for you
Run, export and share all reports directly from your app
All the resources you need at your fingertips and direct link to Amazon Store

Privacy and Security

All of the information you create is stored directly on your phone with the exception of pre/post session evaluation. Refer to our privacy page for more information.

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