Anger comes from a sense of frustration.

It is a natural and productive survival mechanism that provides us with a physical and emotional surge of energy when we need it most – to protect and defend us from a threat of attack. Perceived attacks can be triggered by an insult, physical assault, injustice and unfairness. However, anger can become a problem when it becomes to intense, occurs too frequently or leads to aggressive behavior.

Psychotherapy introduces techniques to reduce aggression and to effectively manage irritability.

Together we will identify the role anger has played in your life, both destructively and beneficially. Next we will uncover triggers. Once triggers are identified you will learn tools how to manage anger. After anger management is achieved true underlying feelings will surface. Usually anger masks feelings that make one feel vulnerable. It is easier to be angry then vulnerable.

Do you need counseling?

  • Does your anger feel out of control?
  • Are co-workers addressing your emotions?
  • Is your loved one fearing you?

Over approximately 6 weeks in therapy you will learn how to be assertive and effectively manage your feelings associated with pain, loss, injustice, etc.