Marina Edelman – $300/50 minutes

Associates – $250 – $90 (depends on level of experience) /50 minutes

Good Faith Estimate

Effective 1/1/2022, a law went into effect called, The No Surprise Act, which requires health care practitioners to provide a Good Faith Estimate of your out of network health care costs. 

All self-pay clients who do not intend to seek insurance reimbursement OR who have no “out of network” benefits have the right to a Good Faith Estimate (GFE).

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My practice is private pay, which means I don’t accept insurance. However, your plan may include out-of-network benefits that partially reimburse fees for my services. I suggest contacting your insurance company to confirm the benefits that you may be eligible to receive.


FOR INDIVIDUALS: Procedure Code 90834 – “Individual Psychotherapy”

FOR COUPLES: Procedure Code 90847 – “Family Psychotherapy”

Keep in mind that all insurance companies will require a mental health diagnosis in order to process your claim. Flexible Spending Accounts, Medical Savings Account, and Health Savings Accounts plans don’t usually require a diagnosis.

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