Below are some quotations from people who have worked with me in individual counseling or couples therapy over the years. I thought it would be useful for visitors to this site to hear about the experience of working with me from some of my clients in their own words. Although I have to carefully protect the identity and personal information of these people, what they have to say about their journey conveys a good sense of how working with me can further your own path to happiness.

My deep and sincere gratitude to those who allowed their thoughts, feeling and words to be used in this section!

I truly could not speak more highly about her services and how well she understood me and my life.

I have seen numerous therapists in the past and I have yet to meet someone who not only understands me (and my wife), but communicates effectively and provides constructive and actionable advice and techniques to work through my/our issues.

Marina absolutely understands the complexities brought on by my military background and my current job. I wish that Marina was a part of TCTI so that I, as well as others, can benefit from her amazing work.

Marina is seriously amazing… as someone who has seen 4 different therapists in the past and never wanted to see them again, I wish I could utilize Marina through TCTI.

I was telling my friend how amazing you are and…

He’s seen a couple of therapists and said he’s never worked with one with your gift for emotional connection.

It’s been about a year since I first visited you and sought help for my depression and anxiety.

Our sessions really helped me work through a lot of issues that were causing me such pain. I’m happy to report that a year later things are going pretty well…

Through the talk therapy I learned some useful coping mechanisms that I continue to use today. These really help to minimize the anxiety and allow me to move past it. I believe the depression to be gone.

I’ve gone off of the anti-depressants and don’t feel as sad as I did for so long. Working with you was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself.

I value every minute of our sessions. It was just my best luck in a long time when you took me as a client.

My expectation was that you’d help me survive the last few months with minimal damage.

I not only survived, I am happier and healthier now than I can remember. I would not have got here alone or with any therapist I’ve seen before.

Seeing Marina was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

It’s always difficult taking that first step in seeking help, but from the very first session with Marina I experienced an almost immediate sense of progress and empowerment as she helped me to identify, understand, and ultimately overcome problems that previously seemed insurmountable.

She is a highly effective therapist, and I recommend her in the strongest of terms.

My wife and I sought Marina’s support to help us overcome a serious breach of trust in our marriage.

She helped us move through the anger and betrayal to rediscover that underneath it all there remained deep love and purpose in staying together.

Through his guidance we were able to clear the rubble that was blocking us from continuing together and find a clear path to rebuild trust.


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