Stress Management & Counseling

What is Stress Management Counseling & Psychotherapy?

Definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting a different result, so if your methods of dealing with stress aren’t contributing to emotional and physical health, it’s time to learn healthier coping strategies. In therapy you will learn to:

  • Identify your stressors
  • Become aware of why certain thought/actions trigger stress
  • Learn to manage your life so that daily interactions and events are easier to cope with

Quick tips on how to deal with stress:

If you find yourself in the center of an intensely stressful situation, practice deep breathing through your diaphragm to provide extra oxygen. Another option is to take a small break. Both of these interventions will allow you to think more clearly and get in touch with your feelings. The following is a list of long-term strategies:

  • Integrate exercise, meditation and hobbies into your daily life
  • Maintain a healthy diet avoiding fried food and incorporating probiotics
  • Stop your inner-critic
  • Become aware of yourself by identifying your strengths, weaknesses, desires and needs
  • Create a support network
  • Write down your thoughts so they begin to make sense. Decide on priorities and look for solutions.
  • Think creatively — what might another person do in your situation?
  • Delegate, share responsibility, and renegotiate deadlines. Often those around you won’t realize how overloaded you’re feeling.
  • Prepare for events as much as possible in advance, but don’t try to be perfect, or expect other people and events to be perfect.

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