Low Self-Esteem Counseling

How does Low Self-Esteem Counseling & Psychotherapy work?

I use short term solution focused therapy to address low self-esteem by helping clients learn to be more assertive, confident, and self-aware. Identifying accomplishments can significantly boost self-esteem, and therapy can help clients identify specific activities where they feel competent, develop realistic and achievable goals, and surround them selves with positive people. Another large competent of self-esteem therapy is finding a stronger and kinder inner voice. Many people with low self worth have a negative internal dialogue. In therapy you will learn how to engage in positive and encouraging self talk.

Low self-esteem is also closely linked with the following feelings and experiences:

  • Increased Sensitivity
  • Social and General Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Shame
  • Perfectionism
  • People pleaser

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