Sexual Problems

Sex Therapy

Problems with intimacy are not uncommon, and are often related to fear. Professional counseling can be helpful in revealing the causes of intimacy problems and opening the door to closer, more trusting relationships.

Drawing You Closer Together

Intimacy is about more than just physical contact. Intimacy, in any relationship, involves honesty, vulnerability, and trust. When intimacy is not present in a relationship, that relationship can suffer. Marina Edelman in Westlake Village, CA, works to help couples enrich their relationships through increased intimacy. She understands that the decision to seek help for a sexual or intimacy problem is a highly personal and emotional one. You can rest assured that she will treat you with the utmost care, compassion, and professionalism. Because your wellbeing is her highest priority, she will do everything she can to create a welcoming environment and the best possible patient experience. If a lack of intimacy is affecting your relationships, she wants to help. Contact Marina Edelman in Westlake Village, CA today to schedule your appointment.

What is Sex Counselling & Psycho-Sexual Therapy?

What are the Benefits of Sex Counselling?

Focusing on the intimacy, intimate touch, healing touch and communication surrounding sex, has been a break through for many couples to start their marriage over again. 

Issues for Sex Therapy