Benefits of Depression Counseling & Psychotherapy

Simply put, depression is anger turned inwards. People who struggle with depression usually internalize negative comments by their family, society, friends, etc. and accept them as definitive and completely true. Depression therapy reevaluates faulty thoughts and belief system. Once one becomes aware of the origin of negative self talk they are able to expel it much faster.

Side affects of depression

Physical Ailments
Reduced sex drive
Increased or decreased food consumption
Too much or not enough sleep

Depression Treatment

  • Create a healthy support system
  • Learn stress coping strategies
  • Adjust your lifestyle to include exercise, healthy eating, proper sleep hygiene
  • Identify cognitive distortions
  • Gain awareness of maladaptive behavior
  • Stop self-sabotage

Stop living with depression and seek help. It feels like you are all alone, but you are not. I have been very effective in treating depression with individuals who are interested in making a change through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Call me today to schedule your initial free consultation.

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