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Online counseling works!

Whether you call it teletherapy, distance therapy, e-therapy, or internet psychotherapy, this alternative to in-office therapy is beneficial for addressing issues as such anxiety, stress, mild depression, and family issues. A recent article in Inc. magazine outlines research behind the effectiveness of online therapy and it’s one of the many reasons I offer online counseling at my practice. 

Through Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts Meet, we can have an effective individual therapy session at a place and time that’s convenient for you. I even offer walk-and-talk therapy sessions so we can walk outside (at a socially acceptable distance) and have a productive session while getting some fresh air.

Benefits of online counseling

Online therapy can be just as effective as in-person sessions and is beneficial no matter why coming into the office is a challenge. 

For those with limitations

Whether you have agoraphobia, physical limitations, or are a full-time caregiver, you may find that traveling to a therapist’s office every week is quite difficult. This is why an increasing number of people appreciate the features associated with online therapy.

Location and transportation problems

Finding a therapist you connect with and feel heard by is therapeutic in itself. Location doesn’t have to limit you. Whether you live far away or don’t want to be stuck in traffic, online therapy sessions are a great way to gain support. Reliable transportation can be a problem in keeping therapy consistent and teletherapy solves that challenge.

It’s good for those who have trouble communicating

Social anxiety can make talking to new people very difficult. Being at home in a comfortable and familiar environment can make the experience less intimidating.

Challenging schedule

This kind of support and treatment can fit into your lunch hour or commute. Meanwhile, traditional therapy can be a little more difficult to fit into your schedule if you have a busy life. 

Continuing therapy while traveling can help manage anxiety associated with business or family trips. A stressed-out executive who has a family and a demanding career may find it difficult to be present for in-office therapy visits. Likewise, a new parent may only be able to squeeze in a session between naps.


There’s less of a risk of running into someone you know or be seen pulling into a therapist’s office for a scheduled in-person psychotherapy appointment.

How does online therapy work?

The process for online therapy is not all that different from an in-person session. The main difference is that you’ll meet with me via an electronic device rather than sitting in my office.

Otherwise, we’ll schedule a time to meet — usually every week — and I’ll call you at that time. It’s helpful for you to be in a quiet place in your home or office where you won’t get interrupted and you can focus on your therapy session. During our individual therapy session, we’ll explore any issues you’re facing and help you find healthy ways to manage them. 

If you’re uncomfortable meeting from your home or can’t get privacy, my therapy office in Westlake Village has two offices across the hall from each other. We can do an online counseling session that way, as well, so you can get some dedicated time to work on yourself away from your day-to-day routines.

What is walk-and-talk therapy?

Some people just aren’t comfortable with screens. If that’s the case, I do offer walk-and-talk therapy so that we can have a socially distanced therapy session at a park or other outdoor location. Breathing fresh air and getting exercise are both extra bonuses for your mental health.

Can online therapy help my relationship? 

Besides individual therapy, I also offer online relationship and marriage counseling to help you work through problems in your relationship. This can help couples who can’t find time to come into see me and those who are in long-distance relationships. 

Don’t let the fact that you can’t come into the office stop you from getting the therapy you need. Contact me today to set up an online counseling session at a time that works for you.