Individual Therapy


It’s common to experience emotional difficulties at some point in your life, whether it’s anxiety around a new relationship, sadness at the loss of a relative, or stress at work. These often resolve without professional help. 

Sometimes, however, difficulties persist due to their deep-seated nature and their origins in your early life experience. Some of these formative experiences you may be aware of, while others may be more hidden from consciousness. That’s where individual therapy can help.

How does individual therapy help?

Through individual therapy using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), we can explore these early life experiences to help get to the root of your emotional difficulties or mental health disorder. Once we know your triggers, I can help you create new behaviors and skills to improve your mental health and your relationships. 

Individual therapy sessions are offered at my office in Westlake Village, California, or through telehealth. We typically meet once a week, though the frequency of your session varies depending on your individual needs. 

What does individual therapy treat? 

Individual therapy can help you work through most any mental health disorder or relationship issue. I have extensive experience treating conditions like:

Whether you’re looking for a way to manage the symptoms of conditions like anxiety or depression or want to improve your relationships, individual therapy can help.

What is cognitive behavioral therapy? 

Cognitive behavioral therapy is an evidenced-based therapy that’s proven to be effective for treating mental health issues like anxiety and depression. It’s based on the principles that your symptoms are based on such things as unhealthy ways of thinking and learned patterns of behavior, and that you can learn betters ways to cope. Research shows that CBT therapy can lead to improved functioning and an increased quality of life.

CBT is a collaborative therapy that requires us to work together to uncover the root of your symptoms and develop an individualized treatment plan.

How does CBT help?

During our individual therapy sessions, we use CBT to help you understand how your thoughts and behaviors lead to your symptoms. With this knowledge, we can work on giving you the skills needed to enhance your coping skills and learn new behaviors so you can successfully relieve your symptoms.

Using CBT therapy you can learn to:

  • Focus more closely on the changes you want
  • Identify common negative themes that reappear in different parts of your life
  • Strengthen the desire and willingness to take risks toward change
  • Name and change some of the beliefs that keep you stuck in your situation
  • Become aware of some of the hidden scripts that you’ve been living out
  • Pick up ineffective patterns of social interaction with others
  • Become more conscious of your decisions
  • Celebrate any positive steps taken
  • Gain more freedom to expand your dreams and vision of the future
  • Analyze possible means to implement those dreams
  • Develop your capacity to be more creative
  • Evaluate whether your new action patterns are leading to the change you want

My clients have had great success using CBT therapy to make long-term positive changes in their lives.

To schedule an individual therapy session using cognitive behavioral therapy, contact me today.