Intensive Therapy Getaway

A weekend getaway for you and your partner to rebuild and reconnect in Westlake Village.

Is your marriage currently in crisis mode?

Are you and your partner considering divorce but not sure if it is the right move?

Has there been an affair or crisis that needs to be address quickly? 

Do you feel you and your spouse have lost connection and do not know how to reconnect? 

 A private weekend with a Gottman Trained Marriage and Family Therapist can help!

What Is Intensive Couples Therapy?

Intensive couples therapy is a form of therapy that involves intense, focused sessions to address relationship issues. Intensive therapy includes:

  • Rapid progress: Intensive couples therapy involves multiple therapy sessions in a short period, allowing couples to make rapid progress in resolving their issues.

  • Intense focus: The intensive nature of the therapy allows couples to dive deep into their relationship problems and work through them in a concentrated manner.

  • Better understanding: Intensive couples therapy can help partners better understand each other’s thoughts, feelings, and perspectives, leading to improved communication and a stronger connection.

  • Time-saving: Intensive couples therapy allows couples to address their relationship issues in a compressed timeframe, which can be more time-efficient than traditional, once-a-week therapy sessions.

  • Greater accountability: With multiple sessions in a short period, couples are more likely to stay accountable and make progress towards their therapy goals.

  • Increased intensity: The increased frequency of therapy sessions can lead to a higher level of motivation and commitment to the therapy process and the relationship.

This intensive therapy weekend getaway is chance for you and your partner to get a months worth of therapy into one weekend, to quickly rebuild what has been lost. You will spend a period of time together with a professional therapist that will provide you and your partner with tools to resolve conflict and rebuild strength in the foundation of your marriage.

A safe space will be provided for you and your partner to come together to heal and grow TOGETHER. Your therapist will utilize the Gottman Method which is an effective and evidence based approach to building strong healthy marriages that LAST. The goal of this therapy is to manage conflict through effective communication, increase intimacy, respect, empathy, understanding, and passion. The weekend getaway will be personalized to you and your partner.


This intensive therapy getaway will help you:

  • Learn how to process resentment and past emotional wounds that never healed

  • Enhance your communication skills for better conflict management and increased connection

  • Learn how to use empathy and validation to better understand your partner

  • Work on specific issues that are creating unecessary conflict in your marriage

  • Find ways to connect in both large and small meaningful ways

  • Develop passion and increase satisfaction in your sex life

  • Learn the components of the Sound Relationship House and how to utilize them

This intensive therapy weekend is for couples who are looking to make changes quickly in their relationship or for couples who are in crisis and need an immediate transformation. This may not be for couples where either one or both partners are suffering from an untreated mental illness (sucidial or homicidal), if there is ongoing violence from both partners, or if one partner is feeling pressured into this process.

What Your Weekend Will Look Like….

Prior to the weekend, you and your partner will receive access to complete an Online Relationship Checkup. This research-based assessment was created by Drs. John and Julie Gottman and consists of 480 questions that covers friendship, intimacy, emotions, conflict, values, and trust, as well as parenting, housework, finances, individual areas of concern, and more.

Friday Evening

  • An introduction session will be conducted to discuss the problems that you and your partner are looking to address and what you are hoping to accomplish.

  • Each partner will have an opportunity for an individual session where uncensored feelings, concerns and desires will be shared.

  • This will also be a great opportunity for you and your partner to share how you fell in love. This will also be the time to list specific gridlock situations.

Saturday 9:00AM to 5:30PM

  • Assessment discussion and intervention plan specifically designed with goals in mind.

  • Concrete  exercises to demonstrate tools based on specific areas of concern you are working on as a couple. 

  • Homework

Sunday 9:00AM to 5:30PM

  • 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work exercises

  • Wrap-up and resources


Weekend with a Certified Gottman Therapist

Weekend with an Associate Therapist



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