Top 10 Acts of Service for Your Mate

1.”During cold months while I am showering, my spouse sometimes throws a towel in the dryer so it’s all fluffy and warm when I come out.”
2.Domestic & Household Chores (e.g, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen are big winners).
3.”When you’re walking on the side of the road with her, be a gentleman and move over to the dangerous side of the road so she feels protected.”
4.Fixing things that the other can’t fix.
5.Buy or make him or her lunch and bring it to her/him at work, even if (especially if) it’s out of your way.
6.Cooking a special meal that you know he/she likes.
7.When your spouse fills up your gas tank without being asked.
8.When you are out and your spouse drops you at the door because it’s raining.
9.When husbands open car doors.
10.Going to the grocery store and being sure to get items you know he/she loves-without being asked.