Top 10 Appreciated Expressions of Love through Touch


1.A supportive hug
2.A massage or back rub
3.”Rubbing your spouse’s feet–the true test of love!” ~Smart Marriages Attendee
4.Holding Hands in Public and Private
5.A Kiss on the forehead or nose
7.Sex with lots of foreplay
8.Playing with her hair
9.Making out like you did when you were in high school
10.Snuggling on the couch


1.A supportive hug
2.A massage or back rub
3.Rubbing his chest
4.Sitting on his lap
5.Spontaneous sex she initiates
6.Running your fingers through his hair
7.Nibbling his ear
8.Holding his forearm when you walk into a party
9.Snuggling against his chest or back in bed
10.A kiss on the cheek

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