Top 10 Health Benefits of Marriage

There are many benefits associated with being in a healthy marriage, such as higher income, but researchers are also finding that healthy marriages are also associated with the better physical and mental health and well being of family members. For adults, the top ten benefits of healthy marriage are:

1.Men and women live longer.
2.Better mental health, for example reduced symptoms of depression
3.More likely to survive and battle long-term illnesses, such as cancer
4.Satisfaction & happiness
5.Less risk-taking behaviors, such as substance abuse and engaging in illegal activities
6.Less domestic violence
7.Married men & women are less likely to die from heart attacks, more likely to return to health
8.Having a spouse in old age reduces nursing home & hospital admissions & protects against loss of ADL
9.Support from a spouse, such as hand holding, reduces physical pain and lowers stress response
10.”Warm Partner Support” in stressful situations lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and increases oxytocin, protecting the cardiovascular and immune system