The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, the aroma of pumpkin latte’s and pumpkin everything else is cropping up all around you.  There may be a feeling of warmth and festivity in the air as the seasons change, so why is there a chill between you and your partner? 

For many, the changing of the seasons signals a natural inclination for newness and growth. Instead of widening the gap and growing apart, take this seasonal cue from Mother Nature and seize the opportunity to FALL BACK in love, creating  more opportunity for you and your partner not only to connect, but to flourish!

Seasonal changes as well as relationship changes are organic and normal as everyone experiences highs and lows. While these fluctuations are part of even the healthiest relationships, we sometimes need to be reminded that we have the power to strengthen and increase more of the connection in our relationships that may have diminished over time.

 “Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go” ~Anonymous

By increasing mindful awareness this season and letting go of some resentments and bitterness that may have crept in over time, you and your partner can reconnect. In the beginning of your relationship its often effortless to act simply as  smiley lover’s loving love.  These feelings of infatuation can naturally decrease if left unattended leaving one or both partners feeling disillusioned and questioning the future of the relationship.

Some signs of relationship dissatisfaction creeping in are:

  – Your speech with one another becoming more sarcastic than sweet

– You may be less careful with one another’s feelings and ignore bids for attention

– You no longer “date” one another like you did when the relationship was new

– You begin to fantasize about being with someone else or being better off alone

– Instead of admiring your partners strengths, you focus only on their shortcomings

– You find yourself asking “Is this as good as it gets? Or even “Have I fallen out of love permanently?”

If these signs are familiar to you, realize that not only are you not alone, but that you have the power within you to create desired change today.  By “being the change you wish to see” in your relationship you can influence your partner and can reignite the passion that you may have once feared was only a thing of seasons past. 

Here are SIX things you can try today to FALL BACK in LOVE with your partner. 

1. Get cozy! Take advantage of the changing season by inviting your partner to move closer to you. Keeping each other can warm the heart in more ways than one.

2.   Rekindle though traditions. Don’t have any?  Begin where you are by adding rituals for the holidays, or even for your daily routine. Fun is not just for kids and is important for “grown-ups” too. The pumpkin patch and piles of Autumn leaves await! 

3. Gratitude. With Thanksgiving coming, be proactive now by counting your blessings and focusing on what you do have vs don’t have in your relationship. 

4.   Take a stroll down Memory Lane. What was it that attracted you to each other in the beginning? Remember the things that you signed up for when you made a commitment to the person that you share your life with. 

5. Recommit to being “ALL IN ” in your relationship thought the power of decision.  Love is a verb after all. You can begin again by remembering all the things that you did for and with your partner  in the beginning when the feelings were more alive.  Make a conscious decision to doing them again and doing them with kindness. 

6. Self-care may sound cliché but there is a reason for it. Take care of YOU. If you want to rekindle passion in your relationship, take care of yourself outside of the relationship and make sure that your individual needs are met. If you are feeling bad about your own life, it’s hard to keep your relationship flame alive. 

Don’t wait  until January 1st to add “Work on the relationship” to your lengthy list of resolutions. By moving towards your desired future now, It will not only improve your relationship,  but it can also make space for  your other adventurous resolutions like fitness, fencing, fantasy football, or something else that you would like to have more of in your life.  If more of what you need is a happier relationship, or just to “be,”  In either case, do it now.  Your  future self- will thank you. 

Blog post written by Sharalee Hall AMFT, she is available to meet with couples and families in person and online . Feel free to reach out and schedule a complimentary session.

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