[heading animation=”” color=”” type=”1″ align=”left”]Post Holiday Hangover[/heading]

Hangover can be defined as {a severe headache or other after effects caused by drinking an excess of alcohol or a thing that has survived from the past}

Let’s focus on the latter definition,  a thing that has survived from the past…you have over indulged in shopping, consumed food in excess, participated in family, friends, and other social activities in abundance, and of course sampled many libations.

But now it’s the ‘morning after’ and:

  • decorations need to be packed up
  • pounds need to be shed
  • debt needs to be repaid
  • gifts need to be returned
  • liver needs to be detoxed
  • family relations need to be stabilized etc

So basically all of the negative carryovers from the holiday season without the joy and sparkle. It is normal to feel blue and sad when the jubilations come to an end. Having places to go and people to see makes every one of us feel loved and cared for. But when it’s over and normal life starts back up withdrawal symptoms can occur.

The cure can be found by going back to the basics of the Five Love Languages written by Gary D. Chapman.

I present to you a new spin on the five love languages and how you can give the love you need to yourself

  1. Touch – cuddle with your pet,
  2. Words of affirmation – meditate on what you value about you
  3. Gifts – buy yourself a gift that you didn’t get or give yourself a gift of time and spend one hour they way you want to
  4. Quality time – exercise, visit museums, hike with friends
  5. Acts of service – cook clean food, organize your closet, volunteer

Also consider how much time you spent perusing social media. Did you, like many others, compare yourself to your Facebook Friends? If you did your mood can significantly be negatively affected by the feeling of not measuring up or being excluded. Digital and social media addiction is real and extremely prevalent over the holidays. It makes you aware of the party you were not invited to or family vacations that your friends took which were soooo much nicer then your trip up North to visit Aunt Bertha. Start your year off by swearing of social media and watch your mood improve.

Another good antidote to the post holiday blues is to plan a party. Valentines Day is coming up soon, the Oscars give a good reason to get a group together, or even random Sunday for brunch. Give yourself something to look forward and help your creative energy find a new purpose.

Maybe your down mood is a sign that it is time to see a therapist to deal with your underlying depression. Therapy can be short term and solution focused. You will learn more about yourself and how you show up in the world. Discovering new coping skills will make life more pleasant and normal irritants will seem less bothersome.

It’s a new year … reinvent the new you!






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