Holiday season is one of the busiest times to travel. Whether you are visiting family or going on vacation pre-trip anxiety can affect event the healthiest of us.

Common Reasons:

  • Taking time off work
  • Boarding Pets
  • Scheduling transportation and accommodations
  • Fear of getting sick
  • Spending time with family in a confined space
  • Going over budget
  • Reservations being canceled
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Forgetting to pack something important

Steps to take:

  • Remind yourself of why you are traveling
  • Visualize arriving at the destination
  • Create lists – packing, spending, activities, gifts
  • Bounce ideas of someone else
  • Set a budget with a 10% buffer
  • Remember anything you forget can be purchased at your destination or you can temporarily live without out (medicine is probably an exception)
  • Check in with ourself if anxiety is what you are feeling. Excitement is sometimes confused with anxiety.
  • Analyze each scary thought you have and figure out how you would handle it. For example what would you do if you missed your plane.
  • Eat super foods leading up to your travels
  • Plan for ways to entertain yourself in a confined space, such as plane, by downloading podcast or book etc.

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