How To Protect Your Relationship From Affairs

Many marriages end up in divorce when one couple is caught having an affair. Security and trust are easily destroyed. Thankfully, couples who decide to stay and go through counseling  regain that sense of security and trust again. To protect your marriage or relationship and have a happy one, you need to make it affair-proof.

How to affair-proof your relationship:

1. Talk About Fidelity and What it Means to you

Ensure that you talk to your partner about fidelity, how important it is to you, and how it would affect you and the marriage if there is ever a betrayal. Your partner might not know how important it is to you or what your reactions towards it might be. It is more difficult to cheat when there is a continuous discussion about faithfulness and your feelings towards it.

 2. Keep your Sex Life Active and Exciting

Feeling neglected, tolerated or unwanted can be a big push into someone else’s bed. Don’t allow your sex life to sink gradually and feel there won’t be any consequence. Show your partner that you desire him/her by accepting advances and being playful.

 3. Ensure That your Relationship is Intimate

Sometimes, affairs happen because someone is feeling disconnected or angry. Use that passion to turn towards your partner instead of away by sharing intimate thoughts and feelings.

 4. Keep Things Romantic

Don’t let your partners daydream about a candlelight dinner or a trip to Paris with someone else because they know you won’t do it. Say sweet things like “I love you,” “I miss you,” “I am so fortunate because I have you.” Yes! All these mushy things don’t go out of style.

 5. Spend Time Together

When couples stay with each other for a long time, they tend to get too busy and have little time for each other. Spending too much time with friends instead of your spouse can make it easy for someone else to step in. If you feel the connection between you and your spouse is wearing off, it is time to change things quickly.

 6. Stay Away From Temptation

You are always going to meet someone more attractive than your spouse; it may be a neighbor, co-worker, high school sweetheart. Avoid that person or any comprising situation that might lead you into temptation.