Momentum plays a large part in life. When negative things happen in your life, it seems that everything else starts to go wrong as well. However, when you begin your day on a positive foot, the rest of the day feels positive. Similar thoughts attract each other and gain power and momentum the more you think of them. What manifests is the direct reflection of what you have been thinking and feeling.

It is easy to observe and witness momentum in sports. When a sports announcer says that a team has the momentum they mean that the team is really on the move and is going to be hard bring it to a halt. To stop an object (a ball, team, relationship), it is necessary to apply a force against its motion for a given period of time. As the force acts upon the object for a given amount of time, the object’s velocity is changed; and hence, the object’s momentum is changed.

Newtonian physics says that momentum equals velocity times mass. What does this mean in the realm of relationships. According to these theorists, psychological velocity is provided by some important event; in sports that is usually a “big play”, in business it’s signing a large account and in relationships it’s feeling comfortable, safe, and as if you belong.

Mass, according to this theory, is provided by the social context: How important is the relationship? Is each partner emotionally invested in it? When a feel good moment occurs and is combined with both individual’s desire to keep the relationship going, momentum becomes visible. In the initial stage of falling in love a couple can’t seem to get enough of each other.Similar to a basketball team that plays so well that every basket is made to appear effortlessly.
As mentioned earlier, to stop momentum force needs to be applied. That is seen in forms of jobs, kids, finance, etc. These “things” get in the way and break couples momentum. Each of the elements listed could not break momentum unless communication lapsed. Yes, you can regain momentum, but make sure you both want to go in the same direction and are both willing to exert the same effort in pursuit of a solid relationship. Start with baby steps such as watching the same TV show, joining the gym, or going out for coffee. Anything to get the momentum going.